Medical & Industrial Gases

Industrial, medical and speciality gases of GGS includes a comprehensive range of gases, compressed and liquid, filled in cylinders (ranging from 5L to 50L), cylinder racks with manifold (Ranging from 8 cylinders to 64 cylinders per rack) and in bulk liquid form with cryogenic tankers.

Gas Cylinder Supplies


  • Medical Oxygen (Med.O2)
  • Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
  • Breathing/Synthetic Air (BA)

  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Acetylene (C2H2)
  • Argon (Ar)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Nitrogen (N2)
  • Helium (He)
  • Hydrogen (H2)
  • Ammonia (NH3)

Bulk Liquid Supplies


  • Liquid Medical Oxygen (Med. Lox)

  • Liquid Oxygen (LOx)
  • Liquid Nitrogen (LIN)
  • Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Liquid Argon (LAR)
  • Liquid Helium (He)

Speciality Gases:

High Purity Gases:

  • Grade 5 (Purity 99.999%)
  • Grade 5.5 (99.9995%)
  • Grade 6 (Purity 99.9999%)
Calibration Mixture Gases:

  • Mixture Gases are supplied to customer Component & concentration (mol%) specification.