Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

GGS offers LP Gas in cylinders from its well positioned storage facilities and wide spread and established network for distributors, who virtually cover almost every area. Cylinders are available mainly in 22 kg and 44 kg sizes. LP Gas cylinders are used by domestic commercial and small industrial consumers. 22 kg LP Gas cylinders are convenient to carry and store and used mostly by house holders for cooking, while 44 kg cylinders are used by commercial establishment such as restaurants, labour camps, canteens, etc.

Bulk LPG

LPG tank and piping systems are designed for larger residential properties such as apartment buildings. This replaces the 22 kg cylinder with one tank for the whole building piped through to kitchens. This system is more convenient than using the 22 kg cylinders, GGS has dedicated large bulk delivery road tankers for any large industrial users such as manufacturers of building and paving bricks, large road surfacing plants, manufacturing of detergents, mills and any other industries, which use as source of energy.

LPG Applications

GGS have been meeting the needs of businesses across the Oman for many years by serving the requirements of all the customers with quality, consistently and with flair. Whether it's for housing or catering, LPG provides a package that other fuels can't match - providing power for cooking and industrial processes as well as heating

LPG For Business

Known and trusted by tens of thousands of businesses throughout Oman, GGS is able to offer unmatched standards of service and customer support. On the road, in the field, in the factory or wherever you conduct your business, GGS is there to help.

LPG Heating

LPG can save you money when looking for an alternative heating fuel in areas where natural gas is unavailable. Environmentally cleaner than electricity or oil, LPG is the ideal fuel for boilers, space heaters, cooking equipment and absorption cooling equipment. Whether you're looking to heat a commercial, industrial or residential building, LPG offers considerable economic and environmental advantages over the use of oil, solid fuel and electricity, Low sulphur and carbon emissions make LPG a greener heating fuel option, while instantly available, readily controlled heat makes it the safe and reliable choice.

LPG Catering

LPG is the most efficient and reliable gas for your catering needs. Far cheaper than electricity and easier to store than heating oil, LPG is controllable and cost-effective, making it the ideal fuel for catering. Low carbon emissions mean LPG is the cleanest burning fuel, and its visible blue flame and rapid cool-down make it both convenient and safe in a busy kitchen environment. LPG's instant heat is easily controlled, helping to keep your food succulent. And cooking is not the only aspect of catering suited to LPG - it's ideal for barbecuing, patio heating and water heating too.

LPG Forklift Trucks

When you power your FLTs with LPG, you'll save time and money, while also benefitting the environment. Cleaner and greener than electric or diesel powered models, LPG emissions are free of lead and soot. Even better, when you fit a 3-way catalyst, carbon monoxide emissions are virtually zero, and you can cut your fuel consumption by around 20%.Refuelling takes minutes rather than hours, and LPG powered FLTs operate effectively indoors and out - even when temperatures are as low as -20C. Lifetime running costs can be lower than electric or diesel versions, making LPG the ideal fuel for your FLTs.


No hassle, no waiting and no mess - no wonder so many families enjoy barbecuing with LP Gas. LP Gas barbecues reach the desired temperature within seconds of ignition, and offer far more controllable heat than charcoal versions.